Aman Singh


Standing up for Richmond-Queensborough.

One of BC’s most prominent human rights lawyers, Aman is passionately committed to fighting for social justice and environmental protection as part of John Horgan’s BC NDP team. He fiercely believes in building a BC where everyone succeeds, not just the wealthy and well-connected, and where government makes a strong commitment to addressing issues of mental health and addictions.

Aman is committed to fighting for the issues that matter most to the people of Richmond-Queensborough including the completion of the Richmond Hospital expansion. Born in Hong Kong, Aman is committed to ensuring that all residents of our province are treated with respect and dignity. Married with a young daughter, Aman strongly supports our plan to create more affordable child care and invest in education.

Aman is ready to fight for the people of Richmond-Queensborough and ensure their issues are front and centre as part of a re-elected BC NDP government.

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